2013-14 Scientist Lecture Series at Holden Arboretum

“Delve deeper into the issues and conditions that impact the world around us. These free, academic lectures allow you to step back into the classroom and learn from the experts.”

Lectures are free & open to the public; registration required. Programs are held in the Reinberger Classroom at the Warren H. Corning Visitor Center.

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  • NOV 14 @ 7PM – How Does The Soil Influence Biological Invations? What’s Underground May Surprise You
  • JAN 16 @ 7 PM – The Good, The Bad and The Ungulate: Long-Term Experiments with Native Forest Species, Invaders and Deer
  • FEB 20 @ 7 PM – Urban Soil Assessment And Management¬†For Tree Growth And Longevity*
  • MAR 13 @ 7 PM –¬†Phytophthora Diseases Of Trees: From White Oak Decline In Ohio To Sudden Oak Death In California*