Meet the Candidates: Northeast Ohio Sierra Club Executive Committee Ballot 2023

Heron in marsh

Welcome to a pivotal moment for the Northeast Ohio Sierra Club as we approach the 2023 Executive Committee elections. This year’s ballot presents three dedicated candidates, each bringing a unique blend of experience and passion for environmental causes. Our candidates – Linda New, Steve McPhee, and David Simons – have dedicated their lives to environmental advocacy and stewardship.

From organizing community educational events to advocating for environmental justice and equity, their diverse backgrounds reflect a shared commitment to the Sierra Club’s mission. Join us in exploring their visions and understand how they plan to drive forward our collective goals.

As we face new challenges in climate change and sustainability, the leadership of the Sierra Club remains crucial. Your vote will help shape the direction of our group and impact our local and global environment. Read on to learn more about each candidate and make an informed decision for our future.