January/February 2014 Newsletter:

Invest in Good Companies with Good Company

By Christine McPhee

Interested in learning about investing? You may want to consider joining the Ethical Investors of Northeast Ohio, an affiliate of the National Association of Investors Corp (NAIC). We meet on the second Thursday of each month (Jan. 9 and Feb. 13, 2014) at 7:00 PM in the Parma Heights & Berea area. A monthly investment of $30 -$200 is required and an initial investment of $300 – $500 for new members. In addition to the growth and/or returns potential of a publicly traded company we consider the business ethics, environmental compliance, human resources practices and community outreach programs of a company.

Investment clubs grow wealth slowly by following the four NAIC investment principles: 1) Invest regularly; 2) Reinvest all earnings, dividends and capital gains; 3) Buy growth stocks; and 4) Diversify your portfolio. Most public libraries have the NAIC monthly magazine, Better Investing Magazine, which have articles on investment and personal finance topics and online resources for members. Club members have the added benefit of learning while you earn, sharing experiences and knowledge, and reducing individual risk. For meeting location or general information, contact David Worsencroft at (440) 886-5039 or via email or Christine McPhee at (440) 891-0714 or via her email address.