Please help make sure LEED has a safe future in Ohio

In addition to your regularly scheduled newsletter, NEOSC is asking for your help on an important issue.

SCR 25 is a resolution that came out the of the Natural Resource Committee by Senator Joe Uecker (R-District 14), who is also an ALEC member. This resolution would ban LEED in public and government buildings and replace it with American National Science Institute standards.

These standards are much lower, do not ensure sustainable practices, and has low transparency. The ANSI allows private companies to set their own standards, which many are based on profit building in an international setting. Banning LEED would not be in the best interest of Ohio’s schools and children, businesses, and its citizens.

The Ohio Sierra Club would like to get as many calls into Ohio House Representatives. Please call, write, email, tweet your representatives and then forward this request to friends. We need to make sure Ohio keeps high standards for the safety and health of our environment.

Link to find your representative:

Fact sheet on SCR 25 and LEED:
Click here for PDF

Thank you for your help with this serious matter!