Join the local March Against Monsanto! Sat., May 24 @ noon (Cleveland)

Join the local March Against Monsanto!
Saturday, May 24 noon-3 – events being held throughout the world !!

The Cleveland event will be held at Market Square (Lorain and W. 25th) from noon to 3 PM.

  • Monsanto is remaking life, by artificially manipulating genes. Genes from completely different species are combined together, crashing through the species barrier. Monsanto’s’ genes are spreading to neighboring crops and wild species, which is becoming a disaster for the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants.
  • Two-thirds of processed foods are made with a genetically manipulated organism (GMO). Monsanto’s GMOs are being sold to our families without any independent longterm safety testing.
  • Many people want to refrain from eating Monsanto’s patented GMOs, yet without a labeling requirement, there is no right-to-know or freedom of choice.
  • Hundreds of farmers whose land has been contaminated by Monsanto’s GMOs have been sued by Monsanto and forced to pay huge fees. Organic farmers are losing their certification because of Monsanto’s genetic contamination.
  • Monsanto is gaining monopolistic control over the seed supply as it continues to buy up seed companies. The genetic code, which has evolved over billions of years, should remain the shared, common heritage of us all.

For more info, please contact Laurel Hopwood, NEO Sierra Club Agriculture Chair, at