Bob Greenbaum, Longtime Sierra Club Activist, Passes

Remembrances by Laurel Hopwood

My dear longstanding friend and Sierra Club colleague, Bob Greenbaum, left his body after experiencing complications following a successful lung transplant surgery.

Bob was a peaceful warrior. He comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable.

For decades, Bob was in his element fighting for eco justice with NEO Sierra Club. His brilliant mind helped him carve out creative protests – whether it be against nuclear power, air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, or climate disruption. Bob was a mentor to many, patiently sharing his knowledge.

Bob’s earlier years focused on his passion for civil rights. In the 60’s, Bob taught at the Freedom School, which organized African Americans to achieve social, political and economic equality. Bob also taught nonviolence at the Highlander Research and Education Center.

Bob planted seeds. When Dennis Kucinich ran for Congress, Bob researched Dennis. I used that research to write a letter to the editor (LTE). It was the only LTE the Plain Dealer published supporting our endorsed candidate. When he won, Dennis claimed it was the LTE that took him over the top. That’s an example of behind-the-scene Sierra Club actions that produce results. And one that Bob was very proud of.

What may be the most striking is who Bob was as a human being. He listened to people’s stories and angst and was present to offer support.

Bob was like a pebble in the water that will ripple for a long time. He was a man that made waves that did much good in the world. May you have everlasting peace, Bob. You deserve it, my friend.

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