Protect Cleveland Residents from Lead Poisoning: Sign this Petition or Better, Volunteer!

Lead paint removal

Help protect Cleveland residents from lead poisoning! Help Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing (CLASH) get the proposed Lead Initiative on the November ballot. The Lead Initiative would require all city rental properties and day care centers built before 1978 to be tested for lead hazards and be certified as Lead Safe by 2021. To get on the ballot, the petition will need 10,000 signatures in the next 5 weeks. Sign the petition here or sign up to volunteer for CLASH.

Sierra Club will be hosting an event in March at the Fairhill Partners Building, with speaker Yvonka Hall, a community activist and co-founder of Cleveland Lead Safe Network. Ms. Hall will speak about the work of Cleveland Lead Safe Network and CLASH, and how people can get involved to join in the effort to make Cleveland homes safer. Stay tuned for updates on the date and time of this upcoming event.